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10 years ater WCW's demise [28 Mar 2011|01:40am]

Saturday marked the 10th anniversary of WCW going out of business. Ten years ago, I watched and taped the final Nitro that aired on TNT. Ever since that time, I've watched a product in professional wrestling that has gotten worse with no real hope of improving. The Invasion angle? Forget about it! <br /><br />The only two promotions to rise from&nbsp;the ashes of WCW&nbsp;and ECW&nbsp;are nowhere close to matching WWE. TNA tried relaunching the Monday Night Wars last year only to go back to Thursday nights with&nbsp;its head tucked between&nbsp;its legs when the ratings bombed. As for Ring of Honor, the&nbsp;promotion is looking for a new home after its two year contract with HDNet expired. Being on a channel that <a href="http://www.dealerscope.com/article/the-percentage-us-households-owning-hdtv-has-exceeded-50-percent-first-time-410960/1">47 percent of Americans cannot get</a> made them look minor league. Hopefully, they'll hook up with a big player like&nbsp;TNT or TBS and win over jilted fans. If anything, ROH has a much better chance of becoming the #2 promotion than TNA does of overtaking WWE for #1. How sad is that?<br /><br />Speaking of the 800-pound gorilla in Stamford, ever since it lost a lawsuit that the World Wildlife Fund filed against it in England, the former World Wrestling Federation has pretty much become an entertainment company. As a result, WWE has lost its way and its edge. Three years ago this spring, Stephanie McMahon turned the company into a PG-rated product, pretty much what the then-WWF was when she was a child during the Rock 'N' Wrestling days. The McMahons have pretty much been in monopoly mode since 3/26/01 because they've haven't done anything innovative in the ring other than to&nbsp;tone down what it had been doing since the end of the New Generation Era. WWE beat back challenges by Wrestling Society&nbsp;X and TNA, only to suck out loud afterward.<br /><br />I've read and reread <u>The Death of WCW</u> and I have been anywhere from disappointed to enraged because not only&nbsp;could World Championship Wrestling have been saved, but a large&nbsp;chunk of wrestling fans would still be around today. Once again, if it hadn't been for the idiotic moves made by the people running WCW and Ted Turner's foolish decision to say yes to the worst corporate merger of all time, the early '10s might be more like the '80s where there were at least three promotions battling it out. What we are stuck with instead is a corporate behemoth that is nowhere what it was in 2001, two companies that are still on the verge of either reigniting&nbsp;a wrestling boom&nbsp;or joining <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Wrestling_All-Stars">WWA</a> in the graveyard beside WCW and ECW, and <a href="http://dagrappla.livejournal.com/27682.html">indy promotions that are left to fend on their own</a>. As a child, I remember the World Championship Wrestling music when the promotion was still known as the NWA's Mid-Atlantic territory (later, Jim Crockett Promotions). I have <em>never</em> had that kind of affinity for the WWF/E at any time maybe because I've gotten the sense that Vince doesn't need me as much as I need his product. With WCW, I felt some kind of an indescriable connection. I have felt the same way with TNA because I want the promotion to succeed.
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[17 May 2006|12:56am]


Vote for Rey mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero! I'll upload the match if you need it. You need to join teh community in order to vote. So please do.
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I got this from HeadlinePlanet.com [22 Feb 2006|04:26pm]

As noted, it appears Eric Bischoff is working on a book about WCW.
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